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Tricky Sounds Series is a set of 12 half-hour programs of word and sentence repetition exercises which focus on the sounds that English learners have the most difficulty discriminating auditorily and, in turn, pronouncing. The Tricky Sounds Series is also helpful for children and adults with speech difficulties. The programs can be used in any order depending on the purpose for which they are used.

The Tricky Sounds Series were created to help train the ear to discriminate between sounds of the English language that sound alike. This 12 program series is a useful tool for people learning English as a second language as well as for those with speech and language difficulties.

Tricky Sounds series consists of twelve 30-minute programs (6 hrs total), of guided word and sentence repetition exercises.  Each program pairs sounds that are difficult to differentiate between and, therefore, to pronounce correctly.

One of the most interesting aspects of this series is its versatility. The programs can be used in any order, depending on the particular need. There is no limit to the number of times the programs can be repeated.  When used for learning English, Tricky Sounds series is equally beneficial for both beginners and advanced students:  it helps train the beginner’s ear to the sounds and flow of English and  advanced students fine-tune their discrimination and pronunciation.     

Another feature of the exercises is the time allocated to repeat the words twice. The first repeat permits you to model your speech to the voice of the native English speaker. the second repeat allows you to train the control of your own voice. This self-listening should become as automatic when speaking a second language as it is in one’s own tongue.   

Each Program of Tricky Sounds includes a transcript of the recorded exercises in PDF.  While this visual support can help boost the beginner’s confidence, you  should keep in mind that the end goal is to make this a pure ear-voice tuning exercise. You are encouraged to put aside the scripts after the first read.

Most appropriate for ages 11+

Program 1 (Meat - Neat), Program 2 (Slipper - Zipper)

Program 3 (Best - Vest), Program 4 (Three - Free)

Program 5 (Draw - Great - Crash), Program 6 (Shoes - Choose)
Program 7 (Yet - Jet), Program 8 (Sing - Thing)
Program 9 (Pear - Bear) (West - Vest) (Hear - Ear), Program 10 (Short and Long Vowels & Diphthongs)
Program 11 (Similar Sounding Words I), Program 12 (Similar Sounding Words II) 

*PDF transcript of all exercises are included with each program

12 Programs/ 6 hours total