The Mystery of Listening

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Dr. Alfred Tomatis on the ear, voice and chant

Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920 – 2001) was the pioneering French physician and psychologist who discovered a previously unacknowledged connection between the ear and voice and put his discovery into practice in everything from the treatment of learning disabilities to singing of Benedictine Monks. Gregorian Chant, said Dr. Tomatis, is a fantastic energy food. In this revised and remastered edition of his landmark 1978 public radio documentary, award-winning producer, Tim Wilson revisits his interviews with Dr. Tomatis including the only sound document of him speaking in English and adds a new commentary of his long-time collaborator, Paul Madaule. The result is a profound and subtle meditation on Listening, the most vital of human faculties.

Produced by Tim Wilson and The Listening Centre, 2006, 57 min.